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Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
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Theo L

Larry.....Thank you!

Larry Norman, I just read the news that your allready home with our Father.
So your finally in peace, A little late but I want to thank you for all you have done while you where here on earth. You have blessed me and so many others all over the world! I'm a Dutchmen, but living in Sweden. You and your music have meant very much to me. Also when I contacted you concerning my radio show, you didn't doubt for a sec to bless us with cd's. Your a very generous, happy, wise and fantastic person! I had the honour to meet you in Person in Canada. I still have the picture from us. You are really living the life you preached, again thank you!

Vi ses in himlen! smile( Swedish for: We see eachother again in heaven!)

Jazzy John


From the first time I gave my heart to Jesus at the tender age of 41, Larry's style of Christian leadership had a big impact on my spirit. That was 27 years ago, so I want to join in thanks to God for the gift of his art and inspiration. Recently, I have been performing songs for an "Aplha" Course (about the basics of the gospel), for residents and staff of a Salvation Army hostel for homeless men in Dublin, Ireland. Because Larry's message is so relevant for people branded by today's society as luckless losers, I have sung 3 of his songs and shared a video about him. He is gone, but his ministry is alive as long as we musicians continue to use his work to encourage and inspire others.

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