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Post Info TOPIC: Tribute song for Larry... INSPIRED A GENERATION

Tribute song for Larry... INSPIRED A GENERATION


(A tribute to Larry Norman by Guy Tadman)



At a time when rock n roll first stole our hearts

When Beatles & Stones were number one on the charts

The church was divided, some calling it a sin

To sing rock n roll in place of their hymns


A man of God took the stage & played his music with a passion

He rocked the Christian Church & shocked them with his fashion

Almost always dressed in black with ultra long blonde hair

Some stores banned his albums but he didnt seem to care


Always controversial cause he always spoke his mind

His music was unique, way ahead of its time

Misunderstood by so many & yet a legend to his fans

Respected by musicians in all the other bands


He had an old guitar & he knew how to use it

SinginWhy Should The Devil Have All The Good Music

He couldve been a star but his calling was much higher:

To be a servant to The One, whod set his Soul On Fire


He paved the way for other Christian bands to follow

Down that Long Hard Road hed had his share of sorrow

But he never lost hope & his faith it did not waiver

Hed hold his hand up high, pointing to his Saviour


On the cutting edge where insults were hurled

A man with his guitar went into all the world

Writing songs of hope that inspired a generation

To Look Into Jesus & find their salvation.




Copyright: Guy Tadman (Australia)Email:

Terry Roland


Nice work, Guy!   I fitting tribute.  Did you make music for it? 

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