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Obscure Musician Leaves Legacy

I found an article in the Northumberland Today
and this portion of the piece expressed exactly how I feel.

"...So, what do I take away from the legacy of an obscure musician?

I'd like to be someone who can sit and talk to someone who is hurting
or who has questions about God, and radiate a gentleness from the
Holy Spirit that lets them know they matter to God and He loves them.
I'd like to put relationships, with people and with Jesus, first and fore
most above anything else that vies for my attention. I'd like to be an encouragement to others, and do whatever I can to help them become
all God has created them to be. I'd like to be able to explain Christ in a
way that people who don't know Him can understand and relate to,
without changing the core of the message. Maybe these are goals that
all who are followers of Christ should strive for... "

My prayer is to strive to be more like Jesus.
I realize that was what my brother did.

Here is the link to the whole article



Think you right. If we not, at least, try to become the image of Christ we didnīt listen to all Larryīs words and music.

But gladly most of us try. If I read all the messages here I can tell.

It isnīt easy. But it is a live worth living for.


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