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Larry's Way To Heaven

Here is what Larry would say: See You in Heaven.....I love You Larry
Make a right onto "Believeth Blvd."
Keep straight and go through the
Green Light, which is Jesus Christ.

From there...
You must turn onto the "Bridge of Faith,"
Which is over troubled water.
When you get off the bridge,
Make a right turn and Keep Straight.
You are on the "King's Highway"...

Keep going for three miles:
One for the Father, one for the Son,
And one for the Holy Ghost.
Then exit off onto "Grace Blvd."

From there...
Make a Right turn on "Gospel Lane."
Keep straight and then make
Another right on "Prayer Blvd."

As you go on your way, Yield Not...
To the traffic on "Temptation Ave."
Also, avoid "Sin Street"
Because it is a DEAD END.
Pass up "Envy Drive," and "Have Avenue."
Also, pass "Hypocrisy Street,"
"Gossiping Lane," and "Backbiting Blvd."

But you have to go down "Long-suffering Lane,"
"Persecution Blvd.," and "Trials and Tribulations Ave."
But that's all right,
Because "VICTORY Blvd." is straight ahead!

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