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Post Info TOPIC: Rerecording by Phil Keaggy, Mark Walker-download!
Richard Cummins

Rerecording by Phil Keaggy, Mark Walker-download!

Hey Solid Rockers!

Phil keaggy, Larry's original drummer from "In Another Land", Mark Walker, and me, Richard, have rerecorded "Song For A Small Circle of Friends'. Randy Stonehill refused to be part of the tribute. I have been trying to get a hold of Charlie so he can post it, but to no avail. Charly - let me send you the full quality file!

So here it is with love to Larry, an open download on the front page:

Phil Keaggy plays and sings just beautifully with love for his old friend, and Mark Walker was the original drummer on 'Small Circle' in 1975. This was a trip to do and I hope Larry's family accepts our tribute.

Richard Cummins

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