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Richie Grant

Thanks for the bridge!

Thanks so much for posting this... hard to believe that we are the older generation now-- so much has happened since Larry started-- I just want to add my voice to those who have appreciated his gift to the body over the years. May we too leave a positive lasting legacy.  My dad- Richard Compton- had a recording studio that did stuff for Simon and Garfunkel and Cher- he had no time for all the "Christian stuff" I was into- until he heard Larry's- thanks for making a bridge for me.  
Richie Grant (no network) wrote
at 9:51pm
Just wanted to add a note... two of my most favorite lines

If there's life on other planets, I'm sure that HE must know- and He's been there once already and has died to save their souls....

I've been unfaithful so I sit here in the hall, how can He use me when He knows I'll quickly fall, how can He choose me- when I've never given all...
BUT he feeds my soul, and He makes me grow, and He let's me know He Loves me, I am worthless now, but I've made a vow.. I will humbly bow before thee-- oh please use me... I am lonely...

what a poet, what a theologian.

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